Think About It!

What To Expect From Others?

Every individual is different in their own way. Our job to one another is to learn, live, love, assist and protect the best way we can. That makes the society in whole a much better place. Question: Are we there yet? The home structure is the sole basis or the pillar of one’s bearing in this system of things. Our Creator knows us better than we know ourselves and He remembers the formation of us all. We are made of dust which makes us imperfect beings and our Lord is aware of our innermost intentions of the heart. He is closer to us than our own jugular vein. So, I guess the answer to the headline question is, ‘To expect the difference of others, expect the changes in time; whether it be positive or negative, and expect that as the individual within who’s looking out is a part of it all.

Not Your Typical Kind Of Lady…

My personality may seem strange to some. My character may be a wee bit on the curb to the rest. But to a large number of others they can relate. In a nutshell, we are considered extra special. And being that extra, we prefer little attention which causes much attention. An individualist and conformer is who I am. Beyond those who are hooked on just a one track mindset. I am in the worldwide family of those who are more creative and tend to be looked down upon or mocked at for being different. Different means not being a follower of the majority and not being afraid to be on the opposite end. Being self-enclosed is actually a good thing. There’s a safeguard about being particular of who and what is allowed within that space.

Not to the extreme of blocking out everyone or everything, just because. Then that will make us like all the rest. No, but having a safeguard to help make wise choices. As a protection … This world is so vast and we are grouped in such a way that it is mind-boggling. To put it broadly sizes, race, culture, religion, wealth, environment, language, styles, personalities and characteristics. It’s amazing just how different we all are and yet remain the same. The same corruptible flesh and the same blood line traced all the way back to our first parents. So many generations have passed and we still can’t seem to get along. Every nationality is actually related by means of coming from one pair. We are children of Prophet Adam and Hawwa (Eve), wife. (May Peace Be Upon Them.) It’s amazing once put into perspective. And just as Cain and Abel was back then, we are still that way even today. Think about it!

What Do Roots Be?

Roots be me, roots be you, roots be us plain and true. Our roots are all we have as a Black African Nation to lean on. It’s what we have and need to keep us alive as a people. Our heritage has been watered down by those who just want us to forget. Our people must continue to talk the talk and walk the walk. It’s sad how some would rather forget the struggle and the pain that our ancestors went through. We must not allow the new time we’re in to cloud our thinking, our culture, our history. We are who we are and that’s the top, side and bottom line. No matter the changes that may come we should never forget who we are. Let’s keep up the memory of the ones who sweated blood, wept in a many of prayers and fought hard for us to have this day, called today, by the will of our Creator.

By all means, for the many of those who were unjustly transformed from the pure African culture into the slaves of the White owners. For those who put their lives on the line for refusing to change and be mentally controlled. And for those who decided to pretend to follow the Oppressor’s rules and regulations mainly in order to protect the African bloodline. With that said, our history should always be told. Let’s continue the pact of saving our precious bloodline.  


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