Why I started this Blog?

I believe that I have a voice and thoughts to share. I have always put my voice on paper (i.e. diaries/ personal journal). However, I never thought to share who I am or what I’m thinking about to others outside the close family links. My dream is to become a writer and allow the God-given talents within me to flourish. I’m currently writing a couple of books. The first one is entitled: Roads of Passage. Short stories created on the basis of those who lead a wandering or unsettled life. Which is the overall theme.

A lot of times when we’re going through hardships, especially if they’re Back2Back, we may feel lost, or like we’re going in circles. Somewhat like your trials are never-ending. But in reality that road you’re on is leading  you somewhere. The book is designed as a fictional novel. The second book is entitled: Poetry Is Me. A place where I spill over my artistic side in a special kind of way. Some of those I will share here and would like all feedback on what you think. This is part of my experience to opening up my views and creative writing to others on a much broader scale. Hopefully, this blog will help me to succeed with these ideas I have planned.


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