what is creativity to me?
creativity is the ability to be unique. others may have some similarities as you but there’s always that special touch. a spice sprinkled so nice, nobody can bring that to the table but you.
creativity is a gift. a gift in itself wrapped especially for you. we all like gifts. i know that i do. anywho! creativity has an array of volume to it. it speaks and often can relate to its opposite in a beautiful way. for example, to me writing is like being an artist. you have to feel your passions and feel what angles works best for you. writing can be as colorful and as detailed as a painting. paintings are stories anyway. so why not vice versa?
As for me my passions are rhymes but i’m trying an angle on writing novels. bringing out another side of me that i have to dive deep into. but it’s fun and relaxing. creativity to me is just that… enjoyment of something new.

hope that you find and enjoy your creative side that’s designed just for you


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