” The Fruits of My Labor


Time to get up and get going!
A fresh start on my part without even knowing
What to expect but my goals plus planning stands strong and correct
As I make this life that I’m living deserve the upmost respect
What are the fruits of my labor?
Far more than what can be arranged on my dinner table
My mind and heart is filled with charity
That moves my hands and feet in the path of certainty
Such clarity has never been so crystal to me
Ever since I removed myself from the people who strickened me
All things therefore are looking up quite nicely
From what then seemed like my downfall was actually a door leading to my destiny
What be the fruits of my labor?
Being there wherever and whenever in the time of need
Taking care of my people is how I’m planting seeds
One plants, one waters and God gives the increase
For He knows my innermost intentions that be
What are the fruits of my labor?
To be much more than what meets the eye
To the all around city slickers who love the game of spy
They had a good thang before I said, “BYE – BYE.”
The fruits of my labor are always genuine
None whatsoever artificial for the benjamins
For when the harvest is ready it will be sweeter than sweet
Because quality over quantity could never be beat.

(SOLID in SOLITUDE and I won’t apologize…)



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