The day we met was like a crisp clean silhouette.
I had no time for you at the first moment,
But I bet that you thought I was like every other chick
Who followed you around on the straddled fence.
Our crossings caused a night full of passions
that danced its way to a lifetime of romance.
I’m still able to smile at the heartbeat that you gave me
For you saved me and changed me to love once again.
Our crossings made the markings so deep that no one can compare.
Nothing, at no time, here nor there can ever compare.
We are one, you and me.
Our souls have found each other for the purity.
To obtain and maintain a life of solace well gained.
Built up as a shield in times of the struggles. Come what may!
Together, willing and ready to overcome the hurdles.
Our crossings were meant to be.
Others have crossed you and many have crossed me too,
But our crossings divinely stuck like glue.
And that’s how we knew that we knew that we knew.
Without a shadow of a doubt that we are soul mates.
Soul mates from times past,
On the hunt for the only one… and then appeared at last…
We crossed!


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