I told you everything that I knew ’cause… I trusted you…
Your eyes were such glee, your knowledge impeccably.
Rift tanned body… Ripped in all the right places.
Spun my head up and around in races.
And I trusted you… Out of the blue… I trusted you!
It was your swag, so, so smooth.
Mesmerized when you walked across the room.
You took my breath away.

Wherever your presence seized the moment.
Cropped a piece of my heart and stabbed the rest.
I stumbled and mumbled, “But I trusted you!”
“How could you? When I trusted you!”
Are you happy now, that you got what you wanted?
Have you moved on to the next one now, that you got what you wanted?
I understand now, that you got what you wanted.
Guess you the man now, since you got what you wanted?

‘We’re only human,’ is the excuse that we normally make only when bad decisions have been made. Nine out of ten, we knew it was wrong beforehand. However, ignored the fact of the of the matter. Overlooking the negative vibes to satisfy that hunger of desire. What looks good ain’t always the case. So, before your next head on race here’s something that’s always important to remember. “You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, smarter than you think and more loved than you will ever know.” And that is trustworthy!


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