” Don’t Lose Face “

We should stop hating on those that are where they have desired to be, financially. How many of us desire to have more and better than what we currently have. How many of us desire to be in a better environment, location and status in our lives?
I know I do. And there’s nothing wrong with wanting that. If you don’t, then maybe something’s wrong with you. The problem, in my opinion, lay at the feet of how people got to be wealthy. If you have to lie, cheat, steal and creep your way up the ladder, then most definitely, it’s the wrong method of choice. No matter how much money is thrown in your face. They got to live with the decisions made in becoming who they are and where they are. If in fact, it was the lying, cheating, stealing and the creeping that got’em there.
At some point, you gotta be tired of just receiving crumbs. And as for me, it’ll never be enough ’til I have more than enough. It’s not enough when only the heart is in the right place. Not anymore! Because it goes beyond self and towards others.
‘Don’t Lose Face’


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